MelMarie Yoga and The Institute for Integrative Care Yoga Therapy Program guides trainees through a comprehensive experience that empowers, enriches, and develops an integrated approach to yoga therapy as a gold standard of yoga therapy education in becoming a C-IAYT and continuing education to work in public health sector and with communities. Trainees will enhance their craft through our flexible module training format blended with residential, hybrid and virtual learning. This includes a practicum delivery through our community partnerships, clinical yoga therapy services or professional development to build your work in the industry. 

Yoga instructors with a specialization in holistic medicine earn 93.07% more than the average base salary. On the other hand, yoga instructors with time management skills earn 67.05% more than the average base pay. (Indeed, 2021)

The mission is to elevate the conversation of mindfulness in medical and public sectors.

Graduates of The Institute for Integrative Care's Yoga Therapy Program will successfully work as a holistic practitioner embracing philosophical teachings and literature in context with current integrative health sciences to develop inclusive and collaborative Yoga Therapy services that embraces all walks of life. We pair Vedic teachings with modern research to demonstrate application and relevance into health and medical arenas while equipping trainees with tools, techniques and methods to facilitate clinical Yoga Therapy. The training program is crafted to encourage trainees to contribute to the public health landscape through blending yoga philosophies and conventional medical knowledge. Trainees are supported through the practicum to establish techniques to serve communities that equip trainees to develop a yoga therapy model and framework as a skilled Yoga Therapist.

MelMarie Yoga is partnered with North Western Health Sciences University (NWHSU) threading yoga therapy into integrative care. NWHSU builds a bridge between the siloed healthcare of the past and coordinated, collaborative, whole person healthcare of the future. It will serve as an incubator for future educational programming and degrees that align with NWHSU’s vision for integrative care. The resources developed within the Institute will enhance our existing care delivery systems and broaden our support to alumni and other critical partners. The Institute will be a creative space for cross-sector problem solving to reimagine high quality sustainable healthcare through the lens of value based, whole person centered, equitable integrative care. Lastly, it will ensure that we keep our eye on our connection to community and how we are demonstrating community engagement.

The partnership between MelMarie Yoga and The Institute of Integrative Care offers a dynamic experience of education, self discovery and professional growth. MelMarie Yoga has been leading trainings in the principals of yoga therapy for almost a decade, operationalizing yoga and mindfulness in the US Military through education, and professional mentorships for yoga teachers across the country. Bridging the medical and yoga industry together offers an adjunct approach for professionals in proactive health and mental wellness to better provide resources, adherence and a sustainable approach to health interventions. Our schools offer hybrid experience both in person and remote options to accommodate schedules and locations to make this work accessible to those seeking to serve in this way. Currently our training programs are accredited through IAYT, Yoga Alliance, MOHE, and NWHSU Continuing Education.

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