*Requirements to enter The Institute for Integrative Care's Professional Yoga Therapy Certification program is a minimum 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga training, 1 year teaching experience, and 1 year personal practice. Depending on entering at a 500 hour level or 200 hour level will determine where you begin in our 800 hour training program. 

If you are not a yoga teacher and have NOT completed your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, in-studio or remote. 

If you are an RYT 200 and are ready to take the next step into yoga therapy training, begin your 300 hour training in-studio or remote.


1. To enroll, you must schedule a consultation call and then complete our application here. 

2. During the call we will answer any questions, identify the best place for you to start in our modular program. Transfer student information is below if you graduated from a RYS 300 school other than MelMarie Yoga. 

3. Once payment is processed and you are officially enrolled after your enrollment session, you begin and follow your training pathway. 

Trainees have up to four years to complete the full program. 

Pay In Full Special: 

PIF Special 


15% off Military Discounts Eligible 

Payment Plans:

 12 Month PP | 24 Month PP | Custom


Custom Payment Plans Available as an option or begin with an option above. 

Combine 300 HR Training + 500 Yoga Therapy Training

Save an additional $750 by doing the full 800 Hours of Training that include the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and the 500 Hour Professional Yoga Therapy Training. Must be an RYT 200 to begin. 

Transfer Policy

If you are not a graduate of a MelMarie Yoga 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program...

Transfer students are considered on a case-by-case basis. Prior to the admissions process, Transfer Candidates will be required to do a transcript evaluation with our Program Director to determine the number of transfer hours that directly relate to required yoga therapy competencies. Depending on Transfer experience, students entering the program at the 500-hour level will need to complete our 56 Hour Bridge which includes Adaptive Yoga Foundations and Subtle Anatomy Training at a rate of $800 to ensure cohesion amongst Yoga Therapy Training Program before beginning their 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification. Depending on hours not accepted by The Institute for Integrative Care, students may be required to complete modules within the 300 Hour.

The Institute for Integrative Care integrates transfer hours into the program curriculum by course completed as it relates to IAYT Competencies within the 300 Hour Training Program.

Within the Consultation Call, we will discuss logistics and the student’s training background and experience. This allows the program director to evaluate any gap of time with teaching and training that may hinder students preparedness to transfer into the yoga therapy program. After the consultation call, the transfer student is required to send the requested documents based off of the consultation call. Within 7-12 business days transfer students will receive an email back conveying what credits were accepted and what is required before enrolling in the 500 Hour Professional Yoga Therapy Program. From there, if the transfer student decides to move forward to complete requirements and complete payments for required courses, the program director will provide access to the Bridge Program and schedule for any other requirements needed in order to begin.

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