What to Expect 

You can expect...

  • To deepen your understanding of the science behind mindfulness and yoga therapy. This program equips you in becoming a professional mind body provider through integrative care.
  • Advanced education in Vedic sciences as you are introduced and trained in an array of competencies that optimize your teaching skills, innovative formats for delivering yoga therapy while building upon evidence informed techniques for the best potential outcome as you deliver yoga therapy and establish your profession, business and partnerships.
  • How to apply mindfulness practices in professional and clinical settings. Business of Yoga and Profeessional Application are foundations for how we bring this work to the world. This training specializes in aiding you to apply, integrate and pioneer this work in public sectors, growing your business, contracting with organizations and serving your community.
  • To receive 1:1 mentoring and personalized approach to ensure you are applying and integrating skills. This aids in personal and professional development along with giving you space to "go down the rabbit hole" with Mel and learn more about topics that interest you.
  • To establish the tools, routine, and accountability to further your own self care and professional momentum. The competencies taught within the training are uniquely threaded into your life through practical suggestions and the importance of lifestyle choice. These skills will aid you in aiding your clients, dropping gems into your teachings, and empowering others in making yoga accessible.

You Receive...

  • A comprehensive Professional Development Training Manual and Materials (mailed at enrollment/or given at first 1:1 mentorship) to support your journey, house notes for your workshops, and offer a creative space for you to grow through the program.along with a training experience guiding you through several modalities, topics and thoughtful integration to equip you as a yoga therapist. Each segment of the training comes with its own manual as well to keep your process organized and house the journey of your professional evolution.
  • 24/7 1:1 access to Mel directly through the Voxer App as a Creative Portal for mentorship where you and Mel craft your ideas, integrate the teachings, and deep dive in between training weekends. This space offers a unique opportunity to develop your voice, mastermind, and unpack the wisdom of yoga.
  • Full Access to the MelMarie Virtual Studio with on demand resources and classes, live virtual yoga with Mel, a self care portal and more.
  • Lifetime access to exclusive graduate resources through our special graduate email list with updates, job opportunities and resources. In addition, because our schools are affiliated with NWHSU's Institute for Integrative Care, additional professional opportunities are provided for our graduates and community.
  • Hours of teachings, conversations, resources, and experiences to awaken your magic, nourish seeds that will bloom in years to come and elevate you as a professional. 500-800 Hours over a 2-4 year journey.

Your Pace. Your Path. You Practice.

Why our Program?


  • Through our modular format, trainees are able to move through the program at their own pace of study. As trainees progress through the program, they will receive lifetime access to The Institute for Integrative Care's online teachings and can return to content when needed. If trainees cannot attend a module immersion in person, they have the option to tune in virtually and participate through interactive live stream access. Once trainee's enroll they will receive their professional development manual that compliments their personal application of the Yoga Therapy Training and will continue receiving materials and supplies as they progress through the program.


  • Graduates of The Institute for Integrative Care will always be connected and first to receive opportunities for filling job requests, client requests and professional development access. Through our non-profit we are committed to amplifying our graduates professionally and providing resources to support their success as a Yoga Therapist


  • Our training programs provide access to 1:1 mentoring throughout the training calendar to ensure students receive relevant application, transformational tools, therapeutic process, and empowered career development that edifies the trainee from within. All of our training provides self reflection, inquiry and awareness into elevating how students can stand in their authentic voice as a teacher while sourcing wisdom directly from the ancient wisdom teachings of India. Our team of teachers are among the highest trained teachers and professionals pioneering Yoga Therapy.


  • Our programs provide access to our community exclusive resources to inspire, nourish and support your personal and professional goals while fostering relationships among colleagues, initiatives and opportunities within the mind body field. Our school aids in connecting teachers into deeper ways to serve communities and opportunities that provide our graduates unique ways to apply their training. We also offer post-graduate communities and resources and prioritize our graduates in filling community requests and jobs.


  • Yoga Therapy is an up and coming field in Integrative Medicine and found throughout through private practice, merged into medical teams, physical therapy, stress reduction care, adjunct for mental health and so much more. Yoga Therapists serve a wide variety of conditions and works in conjunction with conventional health providers especially addressing rehabilitation, noncommunicable disease, prevention and health maintenance. The Institute for Integrative Care's faculty works directly in medical care and in program development and teach from perspectives of real lived clinical yoga therapy experiences and modern health care knowledge. The field of yoga therapy continues to expand and grow for the unique person centered and holistic methods of approaching patient care, lifestyle modification and more. Graduates will be equipped to apply the many tools and knowledge gained from this program to utilize and address wellness for their clients.
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